• Politician
  • Entrepreneur
  • Philanthropist
  • Member of legislative assembly contestant in 2019 general elections
  • Janasena Party Machilipatnam Assembly constituency Incharge
  • Machilipatnam Parliament Election Incharge
  • Varahi vijaya yathra food commitee chairman.

About Me

Bandi Ramakrishna

Born in a poor family, Bandi Ramakrishna came to Machilipatnam in the year 1973 to make a living due to lack of basic infrastructure in his village.

Dropped out from the school in the middle of  the fourth class due to family financial problems and worked together with his family in Hotel started by his elder brother Bandi Satyanarayana in 1973… 10 years later in 1983 he started a canteen at Hindu College in Machilipatnam.

Realizing the difficulties faced by the students in those days for good food, they started RK Mess in the year 1985 by learning how to prepare food during the free time of Ramakrishna, who was running the hotel on one side and on the other side. 

social activities

Bandi Rama Krishna is renowned for his extensive involvement in diverse social activities, embodying a dedication to uplifting communities and championing social change through his impactful initiatives.


Bandi Rama Krishna, a proactive professional, has demonstrated a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility through numerous impactful initiatives, enriching communities and fostering positive change.

Public issues

Bandi Rama Krishna stands as a tireless advocate, bravely tackling a multitude of public issues, demonstrating unwavering commitment and leadership in driving meaningful change for the betterment of society.

Political Tours

Incharge Bandi Ramakrishna garu visited Bhagi Reddypalli village on 28.09.2019 to understand the communities issues.  Incharge Bandi Ramakrishna explored Allapadu on 11.10.2019.


Conducting a rally with 1000 women as a component of the 2019 election campaign. Gathering 10,000 supporters who urged “Jayaho Jana Sena” to organize a rally, Km 06, during the 2019 election campaign.

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